About Trust

About Trust

The Bardoli Pradesh Kelvani Mandal was founded in the year 1960 by eminent persons like Patel Raman Brothers, Shri Kalyanjibhai Kanjibhai Patel and others who made their noble efforts and gave generous donations for the noble cause of educational upliftment of Bardoli.

The first educational institute started by the Mandal was Arts and Science College in the year 1963. Later it was named as Patel Raman Brothers Arts & Science College, Bardoli.

In the year 1971, the Science College was bifurcated and was named, The Patidar Gin Science College after the name of replica watches the sponsors- The Patidar Ginning & Pressing Co. Ltd. of Bardoli in the year 1983.

A course leading to Diploma in Pharmacy was started and the institute Dr. Dayaram Patel Pharmacy college was attached to the Science college. It was then renamed as The Patidar Gin Science and Dr. Dayaram Patel Pharmacy College.

The bifurcation of the Pharmacy College took place in the year 1990, and after that Science College was again renamed as The Patidar Gin Science College, Bardoli.