Academic Courses for Science

Biology Department

We offer BIOSCIENCE as major subject and BOTANY as a subsidiary subject. Biology Department of this college has full-fledged laboratory and committed teachers to undertake theory and practical teaching.

Ours is perhaps the only college in South Gujarat which offer Bioscience at B.Sc. level. It covers Histology, Clinical biochemistry, Hematology along with medical microbiology.

Bioscience course emphasize mostly on practical aspects and almost cover all tests routinely done in pathology lab.

It is in fact a Para-medical course framed in a way that students become self- sufficient and get wider exposure after graduation as eligible technician for employment in Government or semi- govt. hospitals.

Biology Department normally organizes study tours and work-shops, seminars etc. under Eco-club. Students can register themselves with nominal fee and take advantage of latest events going on in the field of Biology.

Chemistry section is the biggest department with well furnished three laboratories and latest equipments with internet facilities.